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Ok, I got it
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I Love Naruto. Leave ur thoughts about the book or show in the Naruto shout box.
How can you not like Fruits Basket? L8r ill hav pics of you homies so stay   tuned!!!
Girl Got Game
  I don't no how many of u have actually read this series but it is really awesum! It's about a girl who pretends she's a guy cuz her dad wants her 2 be a pro basketball player. From the second she goes there there are alot of ups and downs in her life. She falls in love with her room mate and... well i don't wanna ruin it for ya. So funny You will be crying and can't put it down. I've re-read every episode @ LEAST 5 times( i'm bored alot ) n e way hope u love it as much as i do!
Othello is a another great manga. It is a book about a girl named Yaya Higuchi who's dealing with fake frendz who call her Yaya the Cry-ya and Yaya the misfi-ya. Luckily foe becomes frend when Yaya and And Moriyama...kun... become frendz. Yaya, however, doesn't know that when she look into a reflection or cannot handle somrthing, out comes a different her who goes by the name of Nana...